Newt by Elle: Toronto skincare brand launched using Paper

Newt by Elle: Toronto skincare brand launched using Paper

In the vast landscape of e-commerce, nothing beats a captivating tale of entrepreneurial success. Today, we're diving deep into the journey of Newt by Elle, a thriving skincare brand that has leveraged the power of Shopify and our theme Paper to reach new heights.


A Journey of Passion, Discovery, and Healing through Marula Oil

Founded by life partners, Jarel and Elle, the brand was born by a shared passion for exploration and a discovery that would change their lives. “The inspiration behind starting Newt by Elle came from my personal experience with sun-damaged skin and discovering the healing properties of Marula Oil” says Elle. “After researching and learning about its benefits, we decided to make Marula Oil the cornerstone ingredient of Newt skincare. We developed a perfect blend of botanical oils that would provide nourishing benefits for the skin, hair, and body.” The duo initially created their products at home in Toronto, testing them out with friends and family. The positive feedback they received encouraged them to take their production and design to the next level.


Over time, Jarel and Elle started noticing their brand's growing online presence. ”As we scrolled through social media, we couldn't help but recognize our products popping up more frequently. We saw people sharing their experiences, posting pictures, and praising the efficacy of our creations. This was a really special moment, and confirmed that our products were gaining popularity and making a meaningful difference in people's skincare routines.”


In March 2019, Newt by Elle opened its first online store. “As a first-time business owner on a budget, finding the right platform to set up and manage my online shop was crucial. After research and testing out a couple of platforms, I decided to go with Shopify,” says Elle. Its user-friendly interface, seamless setup experience, and customization features really set it apart. “With a wide selection of themes tailored for the skincare industry and many others, I was able to find the perfect look and feel that aligned with my brand's aesthetic.”


Making the Switch to Paper

As the brand expanded and evolved it was the time for an upgrade for their online store. “We looked at several theme options and evaluated their features, design elements, and performance to determine which one better aligned with our brand vision and goals - there was no question once we found Paper,” says Elle. “The Paper theme is known for its minimalistic design, and I knew it would provide a cleaner and more focused layout that highlights our products and enhances the user experience. By switching to the Paper theme, we were seeking better mobile performance, faster loading speeds, and improved overall user experience.”


The flexibility of Paper allowed Jarel and Elle to customize every aspect of their store, from product pages to navigation. “There are four unique features that really stand out to me on the Paper Theme, that are not found on many themes,” says Elle. “You can easily display a map with multiple locations, usually we would need to leverage a third-party app for this! You can add additional information to each location so it's easy to share hours or store-specific content,” shares Elle. “You are able to share you cart URL filled with items to yourself for later or to your friends. With the real-time search, the search results display query suggestions as you type. Great for letting customers discover the depth of your products/catalog,” says Elle. Another feature of Paper that excited Elle was promotion blocks, “With promo blocks, you can display promotional content, special offers, or even a newsletter box right inside your product grid.”


The platform's extensive range of features and apps enabled Elle to enhance their store's functionality. What sets Shopify apart is its extensive range of features and apps, “We were able to enhance our store's functionality with ease by integrating various apps, such as email marketing tools (Klaviyo), Reviews (Junip), upsells and intuitive filtering (Search & Discovery), Wholesale (Faire) and Loyalty (Smile).” Elle’s love for Shopify continued after launching their website as she started working for a Digital Shopify Partner Agency in Ottawa, Ontario “Shoutout to Pointer Creative,” says Elle


The Journey Ahead

With their Shopify store thriving, Newt by Elle has big plans for 2023. “We are currently working on two new products and super excited to start teasing them!” says Elle as they work on expanding their product line. Enhancing brand awareness is right next on the list as they continue to foster a strong connection with Newt community and learning what their following wants next. ”We really want to focus on creating valuable and engaging content that educates and resonates with our target customers.” Newt has always prioritized and implemented sustainable practices “we can always make improvements and want to continue doing so into 2023!” says Elle. As the brand continues growing not only online, but also within the retail space, Newt by Elle is excited to expand into international markets and establish itself in new regions!


The journey of Newt by Elle is a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and the right tools. Their success story highlights the potential of Shopify's platform and the Paper theme in creating a thriving online business. As we watch this skincare brand continue to flourish, one thing is clear: with the right ingredients, anyone can create their own success story in the world of e-commerce.

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Maria is a content creator with technical background. She has recently joined Brickspace Lab and is diving into the world of ecommerce.


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