Paper: Premium Shopify Theme

A robust and feature-rich Shopify theme designed for large-catalog storefronts. Available with a one-time payment of $320 and an unlimited free trial.

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Conversion optimized

Optimized to improve your online sales with thoughtfully designed sections.

Feature rich sections

Bring your brand to life using the many expertly-designed drag-and-drop sections.

Lightning fast pages

Speed tested and optimized so your online store feels fast and snappy.

Developer friendly

Publicly available source-code and rich documentation for developers.

Paper with Poster preset

Paper with Pastel preset

Paper with Parts preset

Paper with Play preset

Paper with Pull preset

Theme highlights

Try Paper for free with an unlimited trial on the Shopify theme store and get free support from our expert team. Plus, you get access to frequent updates for free as we're always listening to your feedback to bring you exciting new features and updates.


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Paper comes packed with over 20 premium and unique sections to help bring your store to life.

We've partnered with some of the best Shopify apps to get you some solid discounts. After purchasing your theme you'll automatically get access to our exclusive offers and promtions.

Sell internationally with built-in country and currency options that fully support Shopify Markets.

Designed with accessibility in mind so your customers can shop using keyboard navigation and other assitive devices.

Snappy and elegant animations to enhance your store with a premium look and feel.

Use autoplaying videos throughout your theme and on your product page to bring your brand to life.

Remove trailing zeros and currency symbols for a simplified look.

Customize visibility on almost every section for mobile and desktop separately.

Built using Tailwind and Alpine for a easy jumping off point for any custom development work. Plus get free access to our publically available source code.


Paper toolkit

Really enjoying this theme. It is easy to use, helpful templates, and has a lot of functionality out of the gate that we previously had to built out in our old theme. The theme developer is extremely responsive and helpful. Highly recommend.

Joey Cofone, Baronfig

Navigation features

Real-time search

Help customers find what they're looking for by displaying search results as they type.

Use our extensive nested navigation to show all your store's content in an easy-to-digest design.

Feature multiple promotions using the simple announcement bar.

Include featured images within your desktop or mobile navigation to highlight important content.

Set your header to sticky or standard to change it's visiblity while customers scroll your store.

Remove or inject any section to create custom layouts in your header and footer.

Collection features

Easy filtering

Built-in filtering and sorting lets your customer instantly find the products they’re looking for.

Quick add

Let customers look at product details and add items to their cart quickly.

Promotional blocks

Feature a newsletter or any promotional content directly in your collection grid.

Load more products as you scroll or have customers click to load more.

Showcase product details with badges. Highlight staff picks or favourites using a badge.

Highlight benefits and features with a simple tagline that's shown on product cards.

Showcase product colors using custom uploaded color images.

Display an additional menu to highlight sub-collections within any collection template.

Easily surface sub-categories within a collection based on product tags.

Create a sense of urgency by displaying remaining inventory counts on product cards.

Images can be displayed in a specific aspect ratio or set at their original size.

Show a new image or video when customers hover over a product.

Product features

Product upsells

Showcase product upsells within your product section.

Linked products

Use this block to connect multiple products together and display them as options.

Product bundles

Use the bundle template to sell multiple products on a single product page.

Let customers get a closer look at your product details with zoomable images.

Built to support new app blocks for an easy drag-and-drop app installtion.

Showcase photos, 3d models, and videos in an image gallery for your products.

Use accordions to include more digestible information about your product.

Let customers know where and when they can pickup at a local retail location.

Use urgency to nudge customers to complete their purchase by highlighting low inventory levels.

Customers can easily find products they've been viewing with the recently viewed slider.

Highlight similar products that customers might also be interested in.

Cart features

Easy upsells

Increase AOV using the beautifully designed in-cart upsells.

Cart editing

Customers can easily edit their cart items directly in the cart drawer.

Checkbox upsells

Use the Checkbox upsell for easy product upgrades in your cart drawer.

Let customers add a message to their order with cart notes.

Visually see how much you need to spend to unlock free shipping.

Let your customers easily share a link to their cart for themselves or a friends.

Take full control over your cart. Switch between the cart drawer, page or alert.

Blog features

Blog templates feature a minimal design with a focus on clean and readable typography.

Customers can easily share a blog by copying the URL in a single click.

Let customers add their own comments to your articles.

Development features

Use the custom liquid section to inject your own code or install third-party apps.

Easily install app extesnsions for dynamic content without writing a single line of code.

Paper uses Alpine.js to easily add a functionality layer to our components.

Easily write and update theme styles using Tailwind classes.

Use the Paper toolkit to help extend and customize your theme.


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