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A Shopify theme is a pre-designed template that determines the layout, color scheme, and appearance of your online store. You can choose from free or paid themes on the Shopify theme store. Free themes are good for those starting out, while paid themes have more features and customization options.

The Shopify Theme Store is the best place to look for reliable and well-designed themes. All themes on the Shopify theme Store are subjected to a thorough review process by the Shopify team. Listed themes are also required to release updates to fix bugs, and common issues, and support new features.

If you're just getting started, a free theme might be great for you. After some time, you'll quickly realize the limitations of your theme. If you want specific features or a new and fresh design that stands out, then a paid theme is the way to go.

Our team releases new features on a monthly schedule. We try and pack each update with useful features and highly requested changes.

Shopify themes can take several months to develop. For instance, the Paper theme took almost 10 months to be released. Additionally, theme prices may be higher than apps because of the one-time purchase model. With a single payment, you get ongoing support and updates.