Effortlessly-beautiful and fully customizable Shopify Themes

Conversion optimized

Optimized to improve your online sales with thoughtfully designed sections.

Feature rich sections

Bring your brand to life using the many expertly-designed drag-and-drop sections.

Lightning fast pages

Speed tested and optimized so your online store feels fast and snappy.

Developer friendly

Publicly available source-code and rich documentation for developers.


  • ✶ $320 one-time payment

  • ✶ Unlimited free trial, support, and updates

  • ✶ Drag-and-drop Online Store 2.0 sections

  • ✶ Over $2000 of ecommerce app discounts

Really enjoying this theme. It is easy to use, helpful templates, and has a lot of functionality out of the gate that we previously had to built out in our old theme. The theme developer is extremely responsive and helpful. Highly recommend.

Joey Cofone, Baronfig


  • ✶ $320 one-time payment

  • ✶ Unlimited free trial, support, and updates

  • ✶ Drag-and-drop Online Store 2.0 sections

  • ✶ Over $2000 of ecommerce app discounts


A Shopify theme is a pre-designed template that determines the layout, color scheme, and appearance of your online store. You can choose from free or paid themes on the Shopify theme store. Free themes are good for those starting out, while paid themes have more features and customization options.

The Shopify Theme Store is the best place to look for reliable and well-designed themes. All themes on the Shopify theme Store are subjected to a thorough review process by the Shopify team. Listed themes are also required to release updates to fix bugs, common issues, and support new features.

If you're just getting started, a free theme might be great for you. After some time, you'll quickly realize the limitations of your theme. If you want specific features or a new and fresh design that stands out, then a paid theme is the way to go.


Learn more → Free ebook: Everything you need to know about Shopify themes

For budget-conscious entrepreneurs or those seeking a simple yet elegant solution, Shopify offers a selection of free themes. While these themes may lack the advanced features of their premium counterparts, they provide a solid foundation for fledgling businesses to establish their online presence.


On the flip side, premium Shopify themes elevate the shopping experience to new heights with their sophisticated designs and advanced functionalities. Tailored to cater to specific industries and niches, these themes often come equipped with robust customization options and dedicated support, making them ideal for businesses looking to stand out in a crowded marketplace.


Learn more → Free ebook: Everything you need to know about Shopify themes

We try to release new updates on a monthly schedule. This sometimes isn't always a perfect schedule as some updates are much larger and take longer to build out. We try and pack each update with useful features and highly requested changes.

Shopify themes can take several months (or even years) to develop. Additionally, theme prices may be higher than apps because of the one-time purchase model. With a single payment, you get ongoing support and updates. If you plan to run your business for multiple years a theme price ends up being much lower than paying monthly for app features.

All themes in the Shopify theme store come with an unlimited free trial. You can demo the theme and take your time setting it up. Once you're happy with how it looks you can buy it and publish it for your customers.


Shopify has also released a small amount of free themes in the Shopify theme store. Dawn is the most popular free theme and it's a great starting point if you're looking for a free theme.

When looking for a free Shopify theme you may come across pirated themes that are often labeled "cracked". This is a red-flag. Pirated Shopify themes put your business at risk of being shut down by Shopify. It's always recommend to purchase your theme from the Shopify theme store - this way you get free updates and bug fixes.

Take a look at our blog or check us out on our socials. We often share tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Shopify theme. You can also take a look at the official Shopify blog as they have a large catalog of helpful resources and guides.


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