Committed to building the best ecommerce experiences

About us

Brickspace Lab specializes in creating exceptional ecommerce experiences for brands on Shopify. With years of experience in the Shopify space, we have honed our skills to deliver top-notch design and development solutions for our clients.

Starting as a one-person team, we have sustainably grown by delivering high-quality work, building authentic client relationships, and gaining a deep understanding of the Shopify space.

Over the years, we have successfully completed numerous projects and have had the privilege of working with notable brands such as Thread Wallets, Laced Hair, Copper Pearl, Truff, and Krave Beauty. Our expertise and dedication to quality have helped these brands elevate their online presence and achieve their ecommerce goals.

Now, we’re making our expertise more accessible by building the best experiences on the Shopify theme store. We’ve gathered everything we’ve learned from our years of client work to create our very first theme, Paper. We think this is a great way to make our services more approachable to new businesses just getting started.

Our team

We're a small and mighty remote-first company with our roots in Toronto. After years of hard work, we have grown sustainably into a talented team spanning the globe.

If you're interested in joining the team send us a message - we're always looking for talented folks to work with.

  • Thomas Kimura Founder
  • Yuliy Sozin Lead Theme Developer
  • Allison Dulmage Lead Designer
  • Ryan Rose Theme Developer

Our partners

We work with leading tech partners to deliver best-in-class ecommerce experiences on Shopify.

  • → Shopify
  • → Shopify Plus
  • → Archive
  • → Checkout Blocks
  • → Checkout Links
  • → Gorgias
  • → Instant
  • → Loop
  • → Malomo
  • → Okendo
  • → Rezdy
  • → Rewind
  • → Smartrr
  • → Social Snowball
  • → Triple Whale
  • → Tydo
  • → Uptime

Select clients

Over the years we've had the pleasure to work with some of the biggest names in ecommerce.

  • → Thread Wallets
  • → Pillow Cube 
  • → Copper Pearl
  • → Laced Hair 
  • → Dorai Home
  • → Nomadic Coffee
  • → Crap Eyewear 
  • → Soel Boutique
  • → Truff
  • → Krave Beauty

Brickspace Lab has what it takes to bring our vision to life. We have been working with them since the early days at Thread, and they have played a critical role in our growth and success. Their team has both design skills and technical chops to create truly impactful ecommerce experiences. To this day we still hear praise about our website.

Colby Bauer, CEO @ Thread Wallets

It’s been a true pleasure working with Brickspace Lab. Working with them we’ve been able to bring our website up to the standards our customers come to expect. They designed our new website and built a few pretty complex features. Our customers love the new site and so does the rest of our team.

Tyler Hillstead, Owner @ Copper Pearl