Paper v4.1.1 Now Available
T Thomas Kimura

Paper v4.1.1 Now Available

Mar 7, 2023

Paper v4.1.1 is now available in the Shopify Theme Store, and we’re excited to share several new features.

One of the greatest things about using Paper is that we welcome feedback and have implemented almost all of our customers' suggestions. We’re committed to releasing updates and features consistently and steadily.

We’ve only been published in the theme store for a few months - but if you ask me we’re just getting started. There’s lots more we’re working on.

That being said, here are the most exciting new features that Paper has to offer


Shopify theme editor with a store locator sectionStore locator

  • The Store locator section is a great new feature for merchants who have physical retail locations. You can easily display an interactive map and display address and store hours for each of your locations.


Paper theme with search suggestions being displayedSearch suggestions

  • Paper’s live search has been updated to support query suggestions. This is a small update that can easily go unnoticed but make’s a pretty big impact on search experience. Now when you search on Paper you’ll see real-time suggestions as you type.


Paper demo theme with product taglinesProduct taglines

  • Using metafields you can now add additional text to your product thumbnails. This is a great update to include a short one-liner about your products right on a collection page.


    Custom product field on Paper themeProduct customizations

    • You can now use the built-in product blocks on Paper to collect product customization fields. This could be set up for products where you want to ask customers to enter in text like an engraving.


    Better layout controls

    • There’s a new global setting on Paper to control gap spacing. What’s so cool about this is that it applies to all grids across the theme.
    • On top of this we’ve also pushed horizontal alignment controls to almost all sections.


    Section groups

    • Section groups are now available - which makes site-wide changes considerably easier. You can now include custom sections inside your header or footer. It’s even possible to hide your footer or header all together.



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