Everything New We Released in Paper v6.0.0

Everything New We Released in Paper v6.0.0

Guess what? Paper 6.0.0 has officially dropped and is now ready to install from the Shopify theme store. This update is a massive milestone for us, and we're stoked about it. We've taken a step back, taken our time, and made a boatload of enhancements.

A massive shout-out to all our awesome existing and future merchants who've been cool about the longer release cycle recently. We know you've been waiting, and we're grateful for your patience.

Alright, let's dive in and see what's new in Paper 6.0.0!


Product template features

Bundle template

Screenshot of the Paper Shopify theme using a bundle template

Ready to sell more with less effort? Meet our new bundle template, your secret weapon for selling multiple items in a quick, user-friendly way. You don't need to mess around with any additional apps, and it's a piece of cake to enhance your sales strategy by offering tempting packaged deals to your customers.

So, how does this work? It's all about metafields. All you need to do is add the variant IDs for each item in your bundle. Then, just assign the product to the custom bundle template. Voila, your bundled product is ready for your customers!

Want to take this a step further? Consider using automatic discounts to sweeten the deal and offer an even bigger incentive for your customers to snap up the bundle.


Linked products

Screenshot of Paper Shopify theme showing multiple products as options on one page

Our new linked products block gives merchants a whole new level of product discovery. Typically if you have a product available in multiple sizes and colours you’re limited to the Shopify variant limit.

Because of this merchants end up splitting up their inventory into separate product listings for each color. In this situation customers end up having to click through multiple product pages before finding a color they want.

Now using the linked products block you can now show more color options on a product listing linking to each of those products separately giving customers an easy way to navigate through the products.


Back in stock

Mobile screenshot of Paper Shopify theme with a back in stock form

This new feature ensures that your customers never miss out on their favorite out-of-stock items. On product pages, when a customer selects an item that's out of stock, they now have an option to subscribe to a email list.

Subscribed customers will be tagged with the variant ID of the sold-out item. Merchants can then sync this list with an external app for automation or send mass emails to customers who were tagged, ensuring they are notified as soon as the item is back in stock.


More layout options

Screenshot of Paper Shopify theme with content in both columns on the PDP

In our quest for providing maximum flexibility, almost every block on the product template can now be situated either on the left or right column for desktop view. This affords you with greater control over how your content is displayed on product pages.


Cart drawer features

Cart editing

This is probably my favourite new feature we're releasing. Cart editing makes modifying your cart even more intuitive. Unlike many Shopify themes, where you can't modify product options without deleting and re-adding the item, our theme allows you to simply click "edit" in the cart drawer and change your selection effortlessly.


New settings

Fine-tuned price formatting

Screenshot of the Paper Shopify theme showcasing the different price settings

Paper now boasts an array of beneficial price settings. You can now hide the currency symbol and remove trailing zeros, providing merchants with the flexibility to display prices in various ways:

  • The standard way: $7.00
  • With trailing zeros disabled: $7
  • With trailing zeros disabled and currency symbol off: 7

This flexibility allows merchants to tailor their store's pricing display to match their brand's aesthetic. For instance, disabling both trailing zeros and currency symbol can impart a more premium, minimalist feel to your site.


New sections and templates

Alternative collection templates

Paper Shopify with new collection template that has a sticky filter bar on the right

We're unveiling a new collection template with a revamped layout. The alternative collection template situates filtering along the left-hand side, remaining visible as you scroll. This makes for a great alternative for stores with numerous filters that are often used.


Slideshow section

Paper Shopify with a Slideshow section

Our newly-introduced slideshow banner section is similar to the hero banner, offering merchants the ability to showcase multiple background images for customers to scroll through. This feature provides a dynamic and engaging visual experience for customers visiting your store.


Discount banner section

The Paper Shopify theme with a discount code banner

The new Discount banner section givers merchants more options to help share and highlight active promotions. With this section promo codes can be highlighted so customers can easily copy the discount code to their clipboard. 


Improved support tools

New support widget

Paper Shopify theme screenshot showing the new customer support widget

Our updated support widget ensures that help is just a click away. Merchants can now easily search through help docs and submit support tickets directly from the theme editor.

We've also upgraded our help center from Notion to Intercom to provide an enhanced support experience. With this transition, we now have better visibility into what articles need updating and can gather more constructive feedback from our merchants. With this input we plan on making more improvements that are actually needed.


There's a lot more smaller fixes and improvements that aren't covered in this post. You'll just have to dig into the theme and our docs to get the complete picture. 

Alrighty, thanks for reading friends.



Thomas Kimura
Founder, Brickspace Lab Thomas is the founder of Brickspace Lab, a Canadian-based digital agency that specializes in the design and development of Shopify themes. Thomas has worked with hundreds of Shopify clients and has spent many years in the depths of ecommerce.


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