Shopify website audits to scale your business

Your personalized roadmap to guide you to the next stage of growth. Get recommendations to improve conversion, AOV, and overall UX.

⟶ UX analyis by expert ecommerce designers

⟶ Side-by-side comparison mockups

⟶ Mockups for both mobile and desktop

⟶ Recommendations prioritized based on their impact

⟶ Report outlining all recomendations in a simple guide

⟶ Backed by industry-leading UX research

⟶ Understand how to improve your website

⟶ Optimized convesrion rate, AOV and overall UX

⟶ Jumpstart your CRO journey

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Recommendations for one page.



Recommendations for homepage, collection, and product pages.



Recommendations for homepage, navigation/filter, collection, product, cart, and checkout pages. Includes performance review.

How does it work

1. Place your order

Select your options and checkout.

2. Answer questions

After you've purchased your audit we'll send you a short survey to better understand your brand.

3. Get your report

After 5-6 weeks of detailed research and analysis you'll receive your new website audit.

4. Implement recomendations

Once you have your report your team can get started implementing recomendations.

5. Test recomendations

For more complex recomendations we always recomend testing them with a standard split test.


Our Shopify website audits are a report packed full of recommendations to help grow your business. Your audit will include side-by-side comparison showing updated mockups with our changes. This report will be prioritized based on impact and ease-of-implementation.

No. Unless that's something you've paid for seperately. The audit does not include any implementation. Our team has limited availability for development work, feel free to contact us. Otherwise we recommend working with Shopify experts at Storetasker.

You would likely want to work with an expert who is familiar with running and executing split tests. This can be done using software like Google Optimize.

Audits usually take around 5-6 weeks to complete.