Why Your Physical Branding and Packaging is Important

Published by: Daniella Schoeman

January 31, 2018

As an ecommerce store owner you are probably well aware of how important your digital brand is when it comes to attracting and keeping customers. Many have spent hours cultivating an online presence through their brand, without considering that there is more they could do to enhance the purchasing experience. Receiving the item purchased is the best part of the experience for the customer, which means that your brand should extend to this point as well. Therefore, your physical brand is just as important as your digital brand and together they can lead to your success.

Physical Touch Points in Marketing

In an industry where anyone can buy anything online at a cheaper price, the relationship you build with your customers is vital. This can be achieved by focusing on the creation of a memorable and lasting brand experience that extends throughout the process. Physical touch points refer to tangible items that can enhance a customer’s experience. Although non-physical touch points can be effective as well, it is the physical touch points that will create a long-lasting impression. Creating a strong impression in the customers mind will lead to repeat business and even referrals.

The Physical Branding Experience

The idea behind physical branding is to provide your customer with a memorable experience, something they will share or discuss with others. Customers are more likely to remember receiving a colourful box than a plain one from Amazon. Make your business stand out by getting your customers excited about what is in store for them with each new delivery. Just by making your packaging unique to your brand can make all the difference. Personal touches like these exceed your customers’ expectations and will definitely work in your favour. The goal of physical branding is to ensure the likelihood of a repeat purchase; you want to retain your customer. With unique packaging you also ensure that you have your customers’ full attention, which makes to share your message or promote a new campaign.

How to Improve Your Physical Branding

There are a number of different ways for you to improve and optimize your physical branding. However, it is important to remember that it should be in line with and an extension of your digital branding. If you have already spent some time cultivating your digital branding and presence, then your physical branding should be quite easy implement. Below you will find some suggestions and ideas that will lead to customer satisfaction and ultimately your success:

Branded Packaging – The unboxing experience forms a vital part of your physical brand and custom packaging is a great way to impress your customers. Check out Lumi products to give your customers a memorable experience.

Stickers – Consider putting stickers with your logo on the box, or placing some inside the box as a free gift.

Handwritten Notes – Nothing makes customers feel more special than knowing that you took the time to write a personal thank you note. This is very likely to result in repeat business as customers will feel appreciated.

Discounts or Promos – Since your packaging has gotten your customers attention use it to promote other products and give them an incentive to purchase from you again with a special discount.

Samples – Add product samples of new items that you may have available at the moment. If the customer likes it will lead to more sales.

Free Item – People love free things, so by adding something small like a toy or candy you are adding value to their purchasing experience.

Stamps – By adding stamps of your logo to boxes or envelopes you ensure brand recognition.

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