Tips For Designing A Great Logo In 2018

Published by: Thomas Kimura

March 23, 2018

When you’re just starting out a logo is often one of the first things to consider. Logos are an important part of your brand. Here are some helpful tips to make sure your logo is headed in the right direction.


Make sure your logo can be used in different formats and sizes. Will your logo be recognizable as a 32x32 pixel favicon? Will your logo be easily remembered when your customers are driving by a billboard? A great designer will identify where the logo will be used before even starting a sketch.

At this point, you may also consider developing multiple logo version for this very reason. What works well as your Instagram profile picture might not work well on your business card. Take a look at the below example of how some well-known logos can be scaled up and down.


Great logos are easy to remember. Many logos will feature very simplified designs to help achieve this. Your logo should convey the brand and company values without adding unnecessary elements. One simplification a lot of logos use is a single colour palette. If your logo can work in a plain black and white format that’s a good step. Below are some tips to check if your logo is simple enough.

Can your logo be recognizable:

  • in black and white
  • when squinting
  • from a distance


Don’t be trendy. Great logos will last forever. Using trendy fonts, and styles won’t last as time goes on.

Supporting elements

At the end of the day, your logo isn’t the only thing that matters. Great brands rely on many different design elements to represent their brand. Textures, patterns, colours, fonts, sounds and animations can all be used to reinforce your brand. It’s important to consider these elements to create an entire brand identity.

By the way, these aren’t rules - just guidelines. Feel free to go outside the things mentioned here and do your own thing.

About the Author - Thomas Kimura

Thomas loves problem-solving and getting shit done for people! He is a Torontonian who has been building and designing software for himself and others over the last 5+ years.