Freebies App Setup Guide


Intall app

Demo store


We can help with app customizations and installations. Feel free to contact us by email. Please include your store URL and as much detail in your email.


You'll need to create collections that correspond with each active Trigger you have enabled. These collections will be used to display Freebie Products customers can add to their cart.

STEP 1: Create a new collection. Click Products > Collections > Create collection

STEP 2: Customize the collection to fit your needs. Here you can add products that you'd like to offer for free. Each product should have a price of $0. Freebie Products will be displayed in your Popup in the order they are listed in the collection. Ensure each product and collection is set to visible for Online Store.

STEP 3: Edit the collection handle to correspond to a Trigger. Click Edit website SEO then enter gift-items-1 in the URL and handle field.

Free products you create are still visible on your storefront.
Gift items will automatically be removed from the customers cart if they try to purchase without meeting your minimum Trigger price.
(Optional) Follow the below steps to hide the add to cart button for these products.

  • Add the tag kd_hide to your free gifts
  • Add the following code to the your Add-to-cart button:

{% for tag in product.tags %}{% if tag contains 'kd_hide' %}style="display:none;"{% endif %}{% endfor %}

OPTIONAL: If you'd like to display multiple popups this can be done on the Pro Plan. See example below:

  • Customers that order more than $50 can choose a free sticker
  • Customers that order more than $100 can choose a free shirt
  • Customers that order more than $200 can choose a free jacket

Ensure each active trigger has a corresponding collection with products. The collection will have to match the collection handle in the table below:

Trigger Collection Handle Plan
Trigger One gift-items-1 Starter Plan
Trigger Two gift-items-2 Pro Plan
Trigger Three gift-items-3 Pro Plan


Copy and paste the following line into the bottom of the cart.liquid file.

{% include 'freebie-app' %}


Uninstalling Freebie is easy. Delete the below line from your cart.liquid file then delete the app.

{% include 'freebie-app' %}