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Reward loyal customers with free gifts.

With Freebies merchants can offer free gifts with purchases that meet a minimum order size.

Freebies can also be customized to offer free gifts to customers who purchase a select item

How It Works

Freebies will create popups on the cart page that display products your customers can add to their cart for free. Each popup has a trigger that defines when it should be displayed.

With Freebies you can run the following campaigns:

  • Customers that order more than $50 can choose a free sticker
  • Customers that order more than $100 can choose a free shirt
  • Customers that order more than $200 can choose a free jacket
  • Customers that purchase a pair of socks will receive a free shirt


  • Customers can not purchase free gifts without meeting the minimum criteria of the popup
  • Automatically remove free gift products from cart when criteria are not met
  • Popup can be paused at any time
  • Easy to install and use app
  • Popup will automatically use font styles from your theme
  • Customize popup with your own brand colours
  • Customize popup text for your needs
  • CSS customization can easily be applied
  • Include a link to the terms & conditions for your popup
  • Streamlined app structure to minimize performance impact


  • Customers who are familiar with JavaScript would be able to claim a free gift without spending the minimum amount
  • Freebies does not support all themes
  • Freebies will install on your live theme


  • CSS customization can easily be applied
  • Freebies can be set up to run based on which product is being purchased (ex. "Spend $5 on any hat and receive a free sticker pack")

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