Autoadd App Setup Guide


Demo store


We can help with app customizations and installations. Feel free to contact us by email. Please include your store URL and as much detail in your email.


Using Autoadd can be quite simple. Follow the below steps to install the app. Our team is available to provide basic customizations and installations if you run into any problems.

STEP 1: Create a new fee by following the on-screen instructions. From the main dashboard click "New Fee" in the top right corner.

  • Fee Title - Give your fee a title. This will be visible to your customers. (Example: Fragile Fee, Rental Fee)
  • Matching Tag - Using this field you can set which products to apply the fee to. If you set the Matching Tag field to "fragilefee" then you will have to add that as a product tag to all products that require this fee.
  • Matching Type - If a customer orders multiple items that require a fee you have the option to apply the fee once or multiple times for each qualifying product in the order.
  • Price - Set the price for your free. This will automatically use your stores default currency.

STEP 2: Copy and paste the below code into the very bottom of the cart.liquid file.

{% include 'autoadd-app' %}

STEP 3: When creating a fee you set the Matching Tag. This field tells the app when to apply the fee. Make sure you apply this exact same tag to any applicable products.

For example; you've created a Fragile Shipping Fee with the Matching Tag set as fragilefee. If you'd like this fee to be applied to your mugs you must add "fragilefee" as a product tag for each mug.

STEP 4 (OPTIONAL): Additional customizations can be applied. The demo has the following changes:

  • Customers are not able to add the fee products to their cart.
  • Fees are listed as a line above subtotal rather than an additional product

The instructions for these changes vary greatly depending on your theme. Please contact our support team to request help with any of these steps.


Uninstalling Freebie is easy. Delete the below line from your cart.liquid file then delete the app.

{% include 'freebie-app' %}