Shopify Apps / Autoadd


Easily charge automatic fees based on cart contents.

With Freebies merchants can offer free gifts with purchases that meet a minimum order size.

Freebies can also be customized to offer free gifts to customers who purchase a select item


Autoadd is a simple app that can be used to automatically add fees to your customer’s purchase. It’s useful for Shopify store owners that need to create separate line items for different costs.

Common Uses

  • Stores that are required to charge multiple tax rates for specific products.
  • Rental services that want to charge a “Service Fee” on top of the shipping fee.
  • Food and entertainment businesses that want to automatically charge a “Gratuity Fee”.


  • Multiple fees can be active at a time.
  • Easily delete and create new fees.
  • Streamlined app structure to minimize performance impact.


  • Starter Plan: limited to one active fee at a time.
  • Pro Plan: up to 50 active fees at a time.


  • Customers who are familiar with JavaScript could disable the app and purchase items without their fees.
  • The app will be installed on your live theme.
  • The app does not support all themes. These using an Ajax cart will not be compatiable.